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Downey Jail Information

Downey Police Department and Jail

For immediate inmate and bail information call,
(888) 224-5266.

Downey Police and Jail Information

The Downey Police Station and Jail Facility is located at 10911 Brookshire Ave Downey, CA 90241. The Downey Police Department is committed to the protection of lives and property of our fellow citizens and to impartially enforce the law; to fight crime both by preventing it and by aggressively pursuing violators of the law.

If someone is arrested in Downey, they will be booked into The Downey Police Station and Jail Facility. Women suspects will be sent to a separate facility. Contact (888) 224-5266 if you need help locating or bailing out your loved one.


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To get inmate and bail information anytime you need it, call Van Nuys Bail Bonds at (888) 224-5266. Bail bonds can be posted at this jail 24 hours a day.

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Downey Police Department and Jail Facility Location

If you would like to contact the Downey Police Department directly, call (562) 861-0771.

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