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North Hollywood Jail Information

North Hollywood Police Department and Jail

For immediate inmate and bail information call, (888) 224-5266.

North Hollywood Police and Jail Information

If you know someone who has been arrested and is looking for information on how to help them please contact us at (888) 224-5266.

The North Hollywood City Jail services the North Hollywood Community, including Cahuenga Pass, Studio City, Sun Valley, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Universal City, Valley Glen, Valley Village and West Toluca.

When someone is arrested in North Hollywood, they will be booked at the North Hollywood Police Department and Jail Facility. Once they have been processed, they can quickly obtain a bail bond.

What is the procedure for posting a bail bond?
Bail may be posted in:

• Cash
• Valid Surety Bond (888) 224-5266
• OR
• Cashier’s check
• Western Union or US Postal Money Orders

Anyone can post a bail bond on the inmate’s behalf by calling (888) 224-5266. Hollywood Police Department and Jail Facility is located at 11640 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601.

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Van Nuys Bail Bonds is the most trusted and convenient way to get someone released from the North Hollywood Police Department and Jail. We are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Once the bail amount has been set, you can arrange for the defendants release with a licensed bail bond agent: (888) 224-5266. Van Nuys Bail Bonds is part of the 888-Bail-Bond network and can help you with jail and inmate information all over California.

To get inmate and bail information anytime you need it, call Van Nuys Bail Bonds at (888) 224-5266.

North Hollywood Police Department Jail Location

If you would like to contact the North Hollywood Police Department directly call 818-623-4016.

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